Aaron Wittenberg, MD


I am originally from Toledo, Ohio, and went to medical school at the Medical College of Ohio. I did my radiology residency and interventional radiology fellowship in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University and MetroHealth Medical Center. In 2006, I moved from Cleveland to sunny Phoenix and haven’t looked back. I do not miss the cold gray winters at all.

Interventional radiology is a very broad specialty with multiple cutting-edge procedures. I most enjoy treating peripheral arterial disease, venous disease, including DVT and varicose veins, and the growing area of interventional oncology, including chemoembolizations, Y-90 treatment, and percutaneous tumor ablations. Within the field of interventional radiology, we have been able to offer broad access to treatments to target tumors in the liver which are not available in most hospitals. An example of this is Yttrium-90 selective radioembolizaiton, a minimally-invasive way to treat liver tumors by implanting tiny radioactive beads into the tumor bed. VIP has been a leader in driving this exciting new therapy to a broad range of cancer patients.

I know that in the future, as new therapies become available to treat cancer, VIP will be a leader in finding ways to offer these exciting new treatments to our patients.


  • John C Lincoln Deer Valley Physician of Year/Rising Physician Leader 2011
  • Intern of the Year Award, Mercy Health Partners 2001


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