Gregory Titus, MD

The thought of becoming a medical doctor had never occurred to me when I first left Evansville, Indiana to begin my college education in sunny Tempe, Arizona at ASU.

As I progressed through classes and began to face the issue of what to do after college I realized I wanted to learn more about the human body and how it works. This desire fueled my medical education and continues to push me today.

I returned to Indiana to attend medical school at Indiana University in Indianapolis. A medical school classmate and cycling friend introduced me to vascular and interventional radiology during our second year of medical school. He knew that while I was interested in diagnostic radiology, much like he was, I was also very interested in procedural fields such as surgery. Upon introduction I was captivated by the elegance of the field. Interventional radiology seemed the perfect blend of intellectual challenge and active participation in patient care.

My post-medical school residency training brought me back to the sun and closer to my wife’s family. We had been living in Indiana for six years and were both extremely excited to return to Arizona. After completing a year of surgical training at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, we moved to Tucson where I began my four-year diagnostic radiology residency at the University of Arizona. I then spent one additional year in Seattle, Washington at the University of Washington completing my fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology. This six-year period of training was an amazing experience that reinforced a tremendous amount of learning.

As I transitioned from training to working in 2009, I began to realize that providing the best patient care possible was a driving force of my professional satisfaction. Whether performing a routine biopsy or a complex treatment for cancer, I want my patients to feel they are receiving the best care.

My wife and I have two daughters. We are very happy to once again call Phoenix home!