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About Us

Board-Certified Interventional Radiologists

Vascular & Interventional Physicians (VIP) is an MDIG practice staffed with an elite group of Board-Certified Interventional Radiologists located in Phoenix, AZ. VIP is proud to house Arizona’s leading experts in the treatment of vascular disease and minimally invasive therapies. VIP’s unique set up as an MDIG practice allows our physicians to maintain an extensive outreach in servicing the majority of the community, making VIP one of the most sought after vascular clinics in Arizona. For more information about insurance plans we work with our new patient paperwork visit our patient portal.

Our team of physicians possesses an unparalleled skillset, allowing us to excel in raising the standards for providing a cutting-edge service line in diagnostic treatments. Such treatments include varicose veins, venous insufficiencies, chemoembolization, and Y-90 treatments along-side many other minimally invasive procedures. Choose our physicians at VIP to address all your vascular needs and get you back to the happy, healthy and worry-free life you deserve.

Vascular Disease

Advanced treatment options for venous and vascular related concerns

Interventional Oncology

Minimally invasive treatment options for cancer-related issues. 

Interventional Radiology

Injections, biopsies and additional minimally invasive procedures.