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What is a Phlebectomy?

Phlebectomy is typically reserved for those stubborn, larger cord-like veins after previous vein treatments have not delivered the desired results. Phlebectomy, also is known as vein stripping, involves creating a series of tiny incisions along the surface of the leg. After the series of small incisions are made, your physician will begin to remove large parts of the varicose vein using a hook-like instrument. The remaining remnants of the dilated veins eventually shrink and become absorbed by the body. Most phlebectomy patients find this procedure minimally invasive, with minor to mild discomfort following the procedure.

Different medical practices use different approaches that will afford the best results for each patient. Some physicians will perform sclerotherapy at the same time as an ablation; others will perform an ablation first and see if the appearance of the damaged veins has diminished. Others may never use phlebectomy, while many may use a combination of sclerotherapy and phlebectomy after the trunk is ablated.

Here at Vascular and Interventional Physicians, our physicians will discuss each of the given approaches to treatment to determine which approach will give optimal results.